Though these assaults are not unique to the Russian military, it is very much rooted in a longer history of Russian sexual violence as a tool of war.

Drew Gilpin Faust’s celebrated 2008 study of Civil War trauma mirrors the ever widening scope of our contemporary tragedy.

Writer Dave Buckhout meditates on a time when peace and good-will momentarily won out over humanity’s impulse for self-destruction.

Even though I pride myself on being an American history buff, my knowledge of the Korean War had […]

On August 23rd, 1939, as war between France and Germany loomed, a French soldier named Daniel Barlone confided […]

3:50am, July 31, 1917 was Zero Hour. At that moment, artillery shells fell upon no man’s land. “The […]

Erwin Rommel comes as close to being a household name in America as a Nazi general can get. […]

Harry Turtledove has written more than fifty alternate history novels, and has been described by one book critic […]