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We at Tropics of Meta understand the woes of grad students, recent PhDs, adjuncts, and even tenure-track faculty. At ToM, we go there; we’ve been there; we live there.  If you’ve made the fateful choice to pursue an MA or PhD in History or related fields, these resources can help you at different stages of seeking funding, jobs, and other things that “keep body and soul together.”

Nuts and Bolts:

Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students in History

Let’s Talk About Comps

A Dirty Guide to Academic Publishing

Resources for Pursuing Diverse Careers:

ImaginePhD: A Career Exploration and Planning Tool for the Humanities and Social Sciences

Career Diversity Resources from the American Historical Association

What I Do: Historians Talk About Their Work

I Have a PhD in History. How Can I Survive in the Private Sector?

Making Your Way as a History PhD in the Think Tank World

Turning Your PhD into a Meaningful Job with the Federal Government

How One Tenure-Track Prof Left Academia: A Beginner’s Guide