Las Vegas looks like Myrtle Beach if the sandblasted and tacky South Carolina vacation town were relocated to […]

Being a devoted Coen brothers fan is easy. I’ve been enjoying their work since Blood Simple and Miller’s […]

I have generally tried to stay away from Todd Solondz’s films, for much the same reason that I […]

Finally, finally, finally I had found the thing: film school. I would be a filmmaker. It would be […]

Whenever friends visit my temporary home of sunny San Diego, they marvel at the weather and incredulously ask […]

In John Sayles’s 1996 classic Lone Star, the filmmaker/essayist included a scene between two older, romantically involved military […]

Whatever one thinks of President Obama’s recent comments on immigration policy, for the past two decades, the controversy […]

Dan: One thing doesn’t make a man. Drey: [laughing] Dan: What? Drey: One thing doesn’t make a man? […]