Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before

“All in all, more taxes are going to be imposed on everybody, rich and poor alike, but mostly on people of moderate means who pay the largest share of indirect taxes and who will have to pay a greater and greater share of the direct taxes to support the most extravagant and wasteful administration the nation has ever known.”

Deseret News, 27 July 1938, p. 4

Author: Alex Sayf Cummings

Alex Sayf Cummings is an associate professor of history at Georgia State University. His work deals with media, law, and the political culture of the modern United States. He has previously received a Consortium for Faculty Diversity fellowship, an ACLS-Mellon postdoctoral fellowship, and the American Baptist Historical Society’s Torbet Prize. His work has appeared in Salon, the Brooklyn Rail, the Journal of American History, Technology and Culture, and the edited volume Sound in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction from the University of Pennsylvania Press.

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