Indiana GOP Rep. Decries Creeping “Ving Rhames-ification” of America


Mark Lawson, a Republican lawmaker from Evansville, spoke out on Tuesday against a trend that he sees as threatening the future of the United States.  President Obama’s executive order allowing some 5 million undocumented immigrants to remain in the country was a gross violation of the separation of powers under the Constitution, Lawson said on the floor of the State House.  He also referred to the recent announcement of Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential bid, saying that it did not matter whether a Democrat or Republican won in 2016. “If America keeps allowing thieves and criminals to run rampant over our laws and Constitution,” Lawson said, “there won’t be much of a Constitution left when the President leaves office.”


Lawson linked the damaging effects of the President’s executive action on immigration to the Department of Justice’s failed Fast and Furious program, which funneled weapons to Mexican drug gangs, and the looming threat of ISIS across the Middle East.  “This president has no respect for the traditional values of ordinary, hardworking Americans,” Lawson said:

The country is facing a fiscal crisis as well as a moral one.  If demographic trends continue, the United States will be majority nonwhite by 2040.  The President has expressly intended to create an electorate to his liking, allowing millions of illegals to stay in the country, get licenses, and vote illegally.

During his speech, Rep. Lawson also made a series of bizarre references to 1990s films such as Pulp Fiction, Striptease and Out of Sight.  To view Lawson’s controversial comments, check out this video: