Goodbye and Good Luck!!

"Can we get more plaid in this picture??"; RR, ASC, and CUNY's Matthew Vaz at UHA 2016
“Can we get more plaid in this picture??”; RR, ASC, and CUNY’s Matthew Vaz at UHA 2016

Over the past six years or so, I’ve had a great time co-editing and writing for Tropics of Meta. It’s been a real journey. Co-editor Alex Sayf Cummings and I have learned a lot from each other; I’ve learned a lot from our contributors as well. I can’t thank Alex and everyone else enough.

Thanks also to all those who have read our pieces, even when you didn’t think much of them because well, you have plenty of things to do in your day and taking the time to check ours out is and was appreciated.

So it’s with good feelings towards all that I tender my resignation. I leave knowing that ToM is in the best of hands with Alex at the helm and I look forward to reading more great stuff from him and ToM’s other contributors.  I’ll still be writing for KCET, the Library of Congress, and hopefully elsewhere (any takers??), so please do hit me up at Twitter, @ryanreft. I’ll see you all in the by and by. As always, much luv and the biggest of ups.