ToM in the Journal of Urban History

Although ToM has never had a single thematic focus, urbanism has always been a familiar topic in our “pages.”  From the chic streets of Mexico City’s Coyoacán to the Hmong communities of East Fresno and the squatter apartments of Manhattan, we have taken readers to a sweeping array of cities and landscapes.

Our contributors have had their work published in the Journal of Urban History in the past — most notably, founding editor Ryan Reft’s epic 2015 essay “The Metropolitan Military” — and the latest issue of the august journal features several notable works by our friends and contributors.  Senior editor Alex Cummings’s “Brain Magnet: Research Triangle Park and the Origins of the Creative City” offers a taste of his forthcoming book on North Carolina’s high-tech hub, while Nick Juravich‘s “‘We the Tenants’: Resident Organizing in New York’s Public Housing” shows how tenant activists joined forces with the embattled city housing agency to improve the lives of New Yorkers in the 1960s and 1970s.  Meanwhile, ToM fave Ansley Erickson returns to the JUH with a wide-ranging review essay of recent desegregation histories.  There are also what look to be intriguing articles about Houston, Seattle, Chongqing, and a topic sure to warm the cockles of ToMer hearts: water infrastructure.  (Seriously, it’s fascinating.)

This is one of the few go-to academic journals that we really read on a regular basis, and there’s a ton of great stuff in there. Check it all out!