ToM’s Unofficial Archives Featured on WordPress Discover

caffee sister 2

We were delighted to see one of the first posts in our Unofficial Archives series featured on the front page of WordPress Discover today.  The essay is based on an assignment developed by our editor Romeo Guzman for use in his public history course, in which students work with material culture and oral history to write their own unique story–generally working with an item from their family or community that has historical significance.  In this case, the story was that of Fresno State undergraduate History major Tyler Caffee and his sister Jami, who wrestled with the injustice and cruelty of the prison system during her tenure as a prison guard.  It is a powerful essay that is resonating with readers all over again.

This is not the first time that our work has been highlighted for promotion by Discover, and we truly appreciate their support for the work we do.  Thank you! It is also a testament to what innovative pedagogy and digital humanities can accomplish in terms of giving students a megaphone for stories that might not otherwise be told.  And, of course, congratulations to Tyler for writing such a great piece and sharing it with so many people.