Schadenfreude: The Greatest Love of All… Is Easy to Achieve

sad trump

What a difference five weeks of pointless, mind-numbing misery, humiliation, and dysfunction makes, huh?  Our big wet president demanded his Wally Wall and was willing to bankrupt every civil servant from TSA screeners to microbiologists and hardworking NEH muppets to get his way, while snarling everyone’s tax returns and shuttering our majestic national parks. We even saw a brief return of the barbaric practice of catfish racing. (“Dogfight’s closed. Moose shoulda told ya.”)

American democracy continues its daring career move into Situationist Surrealist metacomedy, a bit of Seinfeld (it’s about nothing!) and Groundhog Day (it keeps happening!) by way of Jackson Pollock (it’s a big mess and no one will clean it up).

The one upshot? Our big wet boy has gotten totally owned by a 78-year-old grandmother with a fucking adamantium skeleton and a barbed-wire spine, and he has literally no idea what to do with it.  Even his most sycophantic fascist allies are pantsing him at the White House food court.  He can’t get from the Orange Julius to the Sambo Burger without a merciless wedgie.   Other than the epic fail of ACA repeal, it’s hard to think of another time when Trump’s widely reported political skills came to such a big, glorious nothing.

As our editor Joelito put it:


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