Forget Harris-Beto. Sleater-Kinney 2020!

Time for the first three-person major-party ticket

Tropics of Meta has not and likely will not come out with an endorsement in the 2020 US presidential race. But the handsy guy… let’s go with a “no.” People seem to forget that he’s a doofus who trips over his own (admittedly perfect, pearly) teeth every time he opens his mouth.

Our contributors have been described as “clean and articulate” more than once.

In any case, this week brought us few surprises. Brexit is still hilariously happening, and Trump seems to have played the Mueller report completely to his advantage by talking the media into a corner of their own making. Real hoisted-on-your-own-petard territory.

At the same time, commandos raided the North Korean embassy in Spain (really), and a Nebraska woman gave birth to her own grandchild. Also, we pretended to form a partnership with The Atlantic and Patagonia on April Fool’s Day. We had to walk this back after getting multiple angry letters from their “attorneys.”

Big ups to Lori Lightfoot. We don’t know too much about you, but almost no one could be as bad as the sociopathic Rahm. Here’s the best of the week, according to our expert sommeliers:

  • Our very own RG and Tyler Caffee talking public history on Fox Trot Pod! Bye Bye Bye Week (Fox Trot)
  • Jacobin on organizing the white-collar workforce: Forget Your Middle-Class Dreams (Jacobin)
  • ‘Organize or Die’: Kooper Caraway Ushers in a New Labor Movement (Nation)
  • Chapo on the Mueller fiasco: The Russia House feat. Matt Taibbi (Chapo)
  • Nebraska grandmother acts as surrogate for gay son (BBC)
  • Abrams builds massive political network ahead of 2020 decision (Politico)
  • How to sell a massacre: NRA’s playbook revealed (Al Jazeera)
  • Cheollima Civil Defense: Group claims raid on North Korea’s embassy (BBC)
  • The humbling of Britain (New Statesman)
  • Is this the end of the American century? (LRB)
  • How the Battle Over Israel and Anti-Semitism Is Fracturing American Politics (NYT)
  • Atlanta’s Cyclorama had the black role in a Civil War battle all wrong. She set about to fix that. (WaPo)
  • Slovakia election: Liberal Caputova bucks Europe’s populist trend (BBC)
  • One company bought all the retail outlets for glasses, used that to force sales of all the eyewear companies and jacked up prices by as much as 1000% (Boing Boing)
  • How this boy’s funny faces made him a China star (BBC)

Author: Alex Sayf Cummings

Alex Sayf Cummings is an associate professor of history at Georgia State University, whose work deals with technology, law, public policy, and the political culture of the modern United States. Alex's writing has appeared in Salon, the Brooklyn Rail, the Journal of American History, the Journal of Urban History, Al Jazeera, and Southern Cultures, among other publications, and the book Democracy of Sound was published by Oxford University Press in 2013 (paperback, 2017). Alex can be followed on Twitter at @akbarjenkins.

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