Hangover Days

The Tropics of Meta braintrust is hoping for a Labour upset in the UK elections, but we kind of know it’s not going to happen. Hopefully our friend Jezza can pull out a closer-than-expected showing that keeps the tousle-haired Oxbridge foundling-eating cave-person Boris Johnson in perpetual agony. (Pretty much the same thing happened in Theresa May’s 2017 electoral misadventure.)

Across the Western world, though, it seems that the lumpenkardashianariat is revolting against the ravages of neoliberal capitalism — and choosing probably the worst way to do so (right-wing populism). In America, we recently learned that “44% of U.S. workers are employed in low-wage jobs that pay median annual wages of $18,000.” Meanwhile, the professional-managerial class continues to peel away from everyone else, worried about whether Addison will get into Bronx Science or they’ll (god forfend) have to pay for the Spence School. People look at a rigged and getting-worse situation, and the only solutions available seem to be simple and bad ones. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have plans, but it may be too late for plans.