In Frankfort, a New Bid to Challenge the Left Emerges to the Sound of Kentucky Bluegrass

Today’s guest opinion piece is by Harrington Irby Sr., a senior fellow at the Cast Lead Institute.

The rolling hills of Kentucky are known for their beauty, horses, and bourbon, but they will go down in history as something far greater: the battlefield where the decadent Cultural Marxism poisoning the West was firmly defeated by the forces of rectitude and tradition. Why? Because the Judeo-Christian soldiers of the restoration will have been assembled and cultivated at the Frankfort School.

A generous grant from the Mercer family and the contributions of other right-thinking captains of industry is allowing us to build a citadel of righteousness amidst the hills and hollers of rural Kentucky, safe from the nearby fleshpots of Louisville and the gender ideology of Lexington and its university. To be sure, in a decade those cities’ resistance shall fall like the walls of Jericho.

The Frankfort School shall be a beacon to those scholars and thinkers canceled by an intolerant Left that eschews compromise or dialogue. They may refuse to interrogate their suppositions, but the Frankfort School will, in the spirit of David Irving, be willing to ask some questions “they” do not want asked. To use the parlance of today’s misguided youth, we will indeed “go there.” Past authors and works that have been cruelly cast out of the libraries and off of reading lists will be brought back, from Madison Grant to The Turner Diaries. No more will Leftist ideology determine what our students read.

In that spirit, before the inaugural school year students will all participate in a summer read of the banned book The Camp of the Saints, then guided through it at an opening assembly led by none other than Steven Bannon. Other campus speakers that the Left has tried to muzzle, from Richard Spencer to Milo Yiannopoulos, will finally be free to express themselves at the Frankfort School. If Andrew Sullivan speaks here he won’t have to use such mealy-mouthed euphemisms like “n word” as he has been forced to do on Twitter. This is the spirit of free inquiry that the Left refuses to allow at its academic institutions, Hollywood studios, and Big Tech social media.

Following the wisdom of Jordan Peterson, our cafeterias will keep our students strong by serving them meat and only meat. There will be no sapping of masculine essence at the Frankfort School. In defiance of the false idol of “climate change” the Frankfort School campus will run exclusively on Kentucky coal. To assist in their endeavors and screen candidates for study, our scientists will have calipers forged from real Kentucky iron ore. By measuring skulls and noses the Frankfort School will be able to craft a student body far superior than those at any Ivy League university.

The road to intellectual serfdom begun by Immanuel Kant reached its apotheosis with the so-called “critical theory” of the Frankfurt School, the moral poison that threatens to ensicken the decadent West unto its death. The parasites and rootless cosmopolitans of that institution have gone unchallenged for far too long. The Frankfort School will stand as the golden dawn of a thousand year correction to that error. Today Kentucky, tomorrow the world!