Kobe is the NBA career leader in only one stat: missed shots. What could be more fitting?

“When you come at the king, you best not miss.” Fox News host Laura Ingraham would have been […]

As for many American boys, sports were a staple of my life growing up in the 90s and […]

Here are a few of the oft-repeated explanations for the rise of Donald Trump: racism; economic anxiety; his […]

As a devoted reader of the late David Foster Wallace, when I first saw the trailer for the […]

When major world events occur, observers and analysts are often quick to jump to speculative conclusions – aided […]

With Stephen Colbert departing for CBS to replace David Letterman in 2015, I’d like to preemptively ring the […]

If you’ve taken a course in the social sciences, you are well aware of the quantitative approaches that […]