Like so many over the past weeks, I have been following the Dylan Farrow/Woody Allen conflagration that re-exploded […]

It’s a day that ends in “y” so there’s been another strike by the increasingly insane Republican Party […]

Maybe the title of Upstream Color primed me to be thinking about race from the film’s start, or maybe, given […]

When Orange is the New Black first became available on Netflix, one could almost feel the wave of […]

Well, folks, when I’m not indulging my love of movies that involve Flo Rida medleys, I sometimes try […]

30 Rock is kind of like a microbrew. Ten or fifteen years ago, most Americans didn’t know there […]

On this most American of holidays, we convened a roundtable of éminence grises (French for “nitpicking academics”) to […]

Over the past twenty years, historians charting the shifting geographies of 20th century sexuality have made some of […]