How in God’s name did we end up here?  Who decided to hold a presidential debate in the […]

“It was profoundly true that movements of the spirit came first, and that events of history were consequences […]

It says something about where we are that a play called I Heart Hamas can be staged in […]

Anyone whose has a cable subscription to IFC probably recognizes Carrie Brownstein from her comedic stylings on the […]

On the way out of Lars von Trier’s new film Melancholia, a slightly dazed patron asked me and […]

Stories about the end of the world are as old as culture itself. While many traditional belief systems […]

In recent weeks, controversy over Yale law professor Amy Chua’s Wall Street Journal article and subsequent book Battle […]

Making experimental feminist multimedia multidisciplinary theater is not the most lucrative career choice. Even among the performing arts […]