It’s the holidays and everything is awful, but the story of PrEP tells us that it doesn’t have to be that way — sort of.

Many Americans might assume that copyright is a simple equation: someone creates a work, and then they own […]

  Lo these many years ago, a scruffy band of boho assholes with incomprehensible lyrics and a Burroughs […]

For decades, scholars, activists and social critics have grappled with how to characterize the economic shift that has […]

Scholars in recent years have studied a variety of different media to challenge the ever-present notion of technological […]

Why do we play the shell game of the so-called “knowledge economy”? The reasons are many, and few […]

What is information, though? And what is intellectual property? These questions bring us back to the issue of […]

I, like millions of other Apple users, woke up to find that Tim Cook had bought me an […]