Celebrity culture has always involved emulation and envy.  People wanted to be as glamorous as Audrey Hepburn or […]

This blog has never made a secret of its furtive love for the Purple One. He was one […]

Few cartoon characters are more hated than Clippy, the pesky “assistant” who prowled the mean streets of Microsoft […]

Scholars in recent years have studied a variety of different media to challenge the ever-present notion of technological […]

It was late on a Friday, and I was hanging out with my parents in Gastonia, NC.  They […]

I, like millions of other Apple users, woke up to find that Tim Cook had bought me an […]

In a previous post I suggested that a handful of important books (mostly published within the past decade) […]

Everyone loves lists. The editors of Tropics of Meta have shown how much fun lists of scholarly books […]