Eric Foner once said that the worst possible form of government would be government by academics.  Anyone acquainted […]

By now, we should all be tired of hearing how Trump has tossed the playbook out the window. […]

Here are a few of the oft-repeated explanations for the rise of Donald Trump: racism; economic anxiety; his […]

I didn’t really grow up in the South, but then again, neither did Marco Rubio. (As all good […]

It is not hard to see why Kim Davis’s story is being received with a collective national eye […]

It’s fitting that one of this summer’s breakout hits was George Miller’s new Mad Max epic. Though Fury […]

We at ToM know how hard it has been to keep up with the GOP nomination race, especially […]

As John Green often does in his Crash Course US history lectures, I’d like to consult Me from […]