When HBO premiered the first episode of its new series Looking in mid-January, the show, as noted by NPR’s […]

What is it about Stanley Kubrick that makes people crazy? I was truly excited about the release of […]

When Orange is the New Black first became available on Netflix, one could almost feel the wave of […]

“It has been argued that Touch of Evil is not so much the end of film noir as […]

[Editor’s Note: Just in time for summer heat waves, this is the first in a series of posts […]

Rooney (Kevin Dillon): [Standing in line for confession] Hey, Williams, you got your list? Williams (Stephen Geoffreys): Oh, […]

Yeah, she could drag me over the rainbow, send me away Down by the river I shot my […]

A few days after seeing Shane Carruth’s new film Upstream Color, it still seems hard to know where […]