No film genre in Hollywood’s golden age was more urban to its core than noir. The word conjures […]

Last night marked the second season debut of HBO’s True Detective. If last year’s Woody Harrelson and Matthew […]

Last April HBO launched one of its newest series, the Mike Judge-produced “Silicon Valley,” documenting the “wacky” experiences of […]

“Often like a ghost in the shadows, the mother haunts film noir,” observed Kelly Oliver and Benigno Trigo […]

“Crimson Kimono is really just a reversal of the old GI concept: ‘Let’s change our luck,’” Director Sam […]

[Editor’s note: This article originally ran on March 21, 2013 under the Intersections column for KCET Departures. It […]

“It has been argued that Touch of Evil is not so much the end of film noir as […]

I am a bit of a sucker for “first” novels. There is something about the unbridled sense of […]