Politics, like life in general, swings this way and that, but it’s never a simple pendulum.

Cockpunches. Octopuses and otters. Shoe polish. Minnesota Mean. What the fuck is happening?

No real best-of this week.  Instead, we at Tropics of Meta are taking stock of the extraordinary and […]

Journalist Lauren Duca received a lot of criticism in the Twitterverse from more moderate and conservative Democrats for […]

As John Green often does in his Crash Course US history lectures, I’d like to consult Me from […]

North Carolina has long seemed to be on the verge of breaking from its reactionary past. Time and time […]

As the late, great Larry Goodwyn might say, it all goes back to Populism.  The roots of today’s […]

The United States government might be about to default on its debt, but nobody’s perfect.  Sure, this could […]