Everything Is Coming Up Stacey

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It’s a disorienting time in American politics — and that’s saying a lot.  Nancy Pelosi delivered Trump a cockpunch of such magnitude that he still hasn’t quite figured out how to play it to his usual boorish, frat-guy/mean-girl advantage.  Every white man in Virginia apparently has a furtive addiction to shoe polish.  Minnesota-Nice Amy Klobuchar is reportedly mean to her staffers.  Elizabeth Warren is still getting in trouble for her dumb identity-trading misdeeds.  And Corey Booker is still Corey Booker: still glistening like a gorgeously shorn, baby-oil-dappled otter in the sun.

But then there was Stacey.  Denied the governorship of Georgia through an expert campaign of voter suppression, the polymath Democrat is still running hard.  She gave the response to the State of the Union address, which is often considered a career-killer for politicians.  Abrams’s speech might not have been a historically memorable barn-burner, but she also didn’t screw it up — and she showed the optimistic and empathetic message that Democrats hope to run on in months and years ahead.  Meanwhile, AOC is driving both GOP and NPR alike completely crazy.

Here is a sampling of the week’s best stories, culled and curated by our stupid editors.

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