Soccer in Visalia, much like the rest of the United States, has been marginalized behind sports with American origins such as football, baseball, and basketball. The Heritage Court and Pillars of Fame are furthering that marginalization by neglecting the significant contributions of so many people who have contributed to the community through soccer.

While there is some debate about the United States’ most popular sport, the top three are most definitely […]

As the world prepares for the World Cup and Fresno welcomes its first professional team, the Valley Public […]

If a bboy/bgirl battle’s dopeness is judged by the quality of its judges, then the Battle for Fresno […]

We began our project in the Fall of 2016 with no more than a few sources: YouTube video […]

At its best, public history combines theory, practice, and experimentation. Rather than a set of skills, I approach […]

For the past semester, I’ve taught California Studies, a course primarily designed for non-history majors and future K-6 […]