Gary Soto, Oranges, Politics, and the World of Fresno

The Gary Soto Literary Museum is, unarguably, the “smallest, cutest, cleanest museum in the country.” In Fresno, California, it tells the story of Soto, a high school graduate with a 1.6 GPA who went on to become one of the distinguished poets in American history.  Tropics of Meta and our sister podcast Doomed to Repeat had the extraordinary opportunity to sit down and talk with Soto about his life, work, poetry, and politics last Spring, at Fresno’s LitHop festival.  ToM contributor and Fresno City College professor Juan Luis Guzman interviewed, and we hope you will enjoy this illuminating interview.  Soto reflects on both his own experience with youth and love as well as how to engage in the tumultuous politics of our time.  “It’s like medicine, poetry,” Soto says, and we think he’s right.

Find our Doomed to Repeat interview here.