Way back in 2011, RR and I conceived the idea of a new series where writers would look […]

Visual media have the advantage of providing quick comfort; if you need a change of mood or just […]

[Editor’s note: Though undoubtedly analytical, the post below contains references to mature themes, sexuality, and sexual assault. Please […]

When I heard that Paul Thomas Anderson would be translating a Thomas Pynchon novel for the the screen, […]

By the time I gave up on finishing The Lord of the Rings, I like to think that […]

“Here, and shockingly few other places in this country, men are paid to increase knowledge, to work toward […]

Everybody seems to have a problem with academics these days.  We’ve known for a long time that the […]

“I was born in San Gabriel. […] There was no hospital in El Monte at the time.”[1] Here […]