Recently at a writer’s conference—AWP in Seattle, for those who are curious—I bumped into a colleague I knew […]

A conversation about Appalachia, environmentalism, and sound art.

The pillars that once divided Barrio Logan are now the foundation that shapes this rich Chicanx landscape.

Today I was lucky to participate in a rally organized by undergraduate students in the Art and Art […]

During the mid-1990s, while working evenings and weekends on her PhD dissertation on 18th-century Philadelphia, veteran Library of […]

When you look up the word “plenary,” the dictionary provides the following definition: “(of a meeting) to be […]

I live in Spokane, WA, where I write and teach about race, identity, and social justice. I have […]

Longtime friend of Tropics of Meta Pavel Shlossberg just published his first book, a fantastic ethnographic study of […]