Both films show how human faith falters in the face of planetary crisis. Only it’s not the Cold War anymore.

Even though I pride myself on being an American history buff, my knowledge of the Korean War had […]

I have always been frustrated by the pervasive idea that the brain is like a computer.  In the […]

In the summer of 1977 a movie hit the multiplexes, twin cinemas, and dwindling drive-ins of America like […]

Don’t underestimate the Airplane, even if it’s easy to do. Sure, none of their other music exceeds the […]

My interest in Vietnam stems from various sources. I grew up watching the Vietnam War in my living […]

Way back in 2011, RR and I conceived the idea of a new series where writers would look […]

Harry Turtledove has written more than fifty alternate history novels, and has been described by one book critic […]