When Orange is the New Black first became available on Netflix, one could almost feel the wave of […]

“It has been argued that Touch of Evil is not so much the end of film noir as […]

“Starting with the affirmation of man/ I work myself backwards using cynicism,” Mike Watt sings on the Minutemen’s […]

When Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced his plans to purchase the venerable Washington Post last week, the American […]

In a city of student government types, D.C.’s general population seems awash in people who actually believed high […]

Good God this summer’s been hot! Anyone living in the Midwest, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, or Southeast knows the debilitating […]

“My brain is like oatmeal,” jobless auto worker Jack Butler (Michael Keaton) tells his newly employed wife Caroline […]

Yeah, she could drag me over the rainbow, send me away Down by the river I shot my […]