Classical playwright Terence and his present-day counterpart Branden Jacobs-Jenkins construct worlds that provide humanistic dimension to the lives of enslaved people.

From Boleyn to Bey, history-making women power a new form of queer diva on the contemporary stage.

Hollywood has always had trouble with “flyover country.”  The movie industry had its roots in New York, particularly […]

I’m going to get my MFA in Directing (for theatre) in the fall.  Yay!  I present below a […]

When Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter hit the big screen this past summer, some critics hailed it as a […]

It says something about where we are that a play called I Heart Hamas can be staged in […]

Few developments in the 21st century conjure up as many economic and racial ghosts as gentrification. For urban […]

Titus Andronicus has often been rejected by critics for its unharmonious juxtaposition of classical references with wanton violence. […]