Tropics of Meta may be a good, clean, family blog about historiography, but we do occasionally stray into […]

No real best-of this week.¬† Instead, we at Tropics of Meta are taking stock of the extraordinary and […]

The student: Since the beginning of time, man has reached for greater heights. The talking head: The situation […]

Why the culture of college debate explains Cruz’s greatest strength — and his greatest weakness

In a press conference in Metuchen that caught political observers by surprise, recording artist Lana Del Rey declared […]

First of all, as a Democrat, this needs to be said: to Hell with Joe Manchin. He has […]

Journalist Lauren Duca received a lot of criticism in the Twitterverse from more moderate and conservative Democrats for […]

Carolyn Bourdeaux is an associate professor of¬†Public Management and Policy at the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies […]