Seven years ago I left academia and became a teacher at an independent private high school. I am […]

Today I was lucky to participate in a rally organized by undergraduate students in the Art and Art […]

It’s book-assigning season at colleges and universities across the United States, at least for those on the semester […]

I was recently invited to be part of a student panel to welcome all new Ph.D. students to […]

When I read @philommeides_’s tweet about grad-school comps, my heart sank.  The author expressed how her extremely difficult […]

We have been asked by organizers from Duke University’s union for contingent faculty to publish this open letter, […]

Almost everyone who goes to grad school in History has to do some variation on the Historiography of […]

At its best, public history combines theory, practice, and experimentation. Rather than a set of skills, I approach […]